Hard Hat Services provides a variety of engineering and construction management services for our power generation clients: typically plant utilities, storm water, environmental response and compliance and water/wastewater treatment. 

On the environmental side, we have provided site investigations and remediations, geotechnical investigations and consulting on CCR-related slope stability analyses, hydrogeologic investigations, groundwater monitoring network design and sampling plan preparation, regulatory permit assistance, and regulatory permit assistance, and other projects.  We have provided design, construction management, and complete turnkey design and construction services for storm water and process water handling, ash and settling pond and discharge modifications to improve environmental compliance with discharge permits and new rules and regulations.  We have also prepared feasibility analyses and design services for wet-to-dry ash conversions.  Recent CCR and ELG related projects and described further, below.

A partial list of clients and/or projects executed in the power and energy industry includes:

  • Alliant Energy
  • Linde Gas
  • Waste Management
  • Orbit Energy
  • Westinghouse Electric Company
  • Kansas City Power & Light
  • Wisconsin Electric
  • Richardson Electric
  • GE Water
  • Northern Indiana Public Service Company

Coal Combustion Residual Expertise

Since the TVA Kingston ash slide event that triggered sweeping legislation impacting the Coal Power industry, Hard Hat Services (Hard Hat) has a leader in the industry, working with Power clients to proactively address the coal combustion residuals (CCR) regulations.  We initially started by providing our clients technical defenses and responses to the EPA inspections that took place at the fossil fuel power plants.  This work included review of existing geotechnical data, identification of data gaps, preparation and implementation of plans to collect necessary geotechnical data, and performing stability calculations and analyses at various suspect plants.  

Hard Hat has worked with various regulatory agencies at the State and Federal level.  We’ve completed turnkey construction of CCR pond closure to programs management of for Power clients with CCR impoundments in accordance with the Federal CCR Rule. We have designed and are installing CCR impoundment groundwater networks as well as prepared Sampling & Analysis Plans for those impoundments.  We are also preparing options analyses for potential impoundment retrofits and closures and wet-to-dry ash handling conversion.

Hard Hat has experience with the preparation, review, and certification following CCR Rule Requirements

·        Annual Embankment Inspections and Reports
·        Hazard Potential Classification
·        Safety Factor Analysis
·        Inflow Flood Control Plan
·        Structural Stability Assessments

Power Project Experience