Hard Hat Services (Hard Hat) has more than 175 combined years’ experience in the solid waste/landfill industry, and is familiar with all aspects of landfill work. We are knowledgeable of the state and federal regulations applicable to solid and hazardous waste facilities, and have performed services at numerous landfills in the United States including siting of new facilities, expansions of existing sites, closure, post closure monitoring and maintenance, operations, site assessment, and remediation. This range of experience has been applied to typical landfill projects including construction of single and double liners, leachate collection and treatment, landfill gas passive venting and active gas collection systems, and cover systems at sites regulated by state solid waste codes, as well as federal programs (i.e. CERCLA, RCRA).

We have acted as lead technical review, design engineer, geologist, quality control engineer, construction supervisor or site manager for the following landfill related components:

  1. Siting application review
  2. Hydrogeologic investigations
  3. Landfill expansions and new cells, including clay, geomembrane and composite liner systems
  4. Landfill gas systems, both passive (venting) and active (collection), conveyance and treatment
  5. Leachate collection systems, including granular and geocomposite drainage layers, piping networks, and pumping systems
  6. Groundwater underdrain systems, including lysimeter construction and collection systems
  7. Final cover systems, consisting of compacted clay, FML, drainage layers, root zone layers, and vegetative layers
  8. Stormwater control, including sediment ponds, terraces, drainage channels, erosion control, and permitted outfalls

Hard Hat has also evaluated and applied these typical landfill components as remedial actions at various sites. Hard Hat experience also includes landfill operation and maintenance (O&M), which includes performance and assessment monitoring of solid and hazardous waste sites, operation of leachate and gas collection systems, regulatory reporting, and permitting

 The following projects highlight our recent experience.


Solid Waste Project Experience