Dredging/Sediment Restoration

Sediment Services

Sediment is defined as "material that settles to the bottom of a liquid," and may range from fluid mud to cemented sand and gravel. In the early days of environmental policy, sediment restoration meant dredging. Today, sediment restoration is more likely to encompass a combination of removal and in-situ technologies, including engineered improvement of natueral processes.

Hard Hat Services' experience covers not only the investigation and assessment of sediments, but includes designing and managing sediment restoration activites as well, pertaining to maintenance dredging, settling pond design and construciton, and remediation and emergency response actions.

Hard Hat has Extensive Experience in:

  • Dredging and Sediment Remediation
  • Sediment Sampling and Testing
  • Soil Removal and Restoration
  • Sounding and Water Depth Surveys
  • Dredging Permits
  • Designing Armoring and In-Situ Caps
  • Dredging Alternatives or Alternative Solutions for Contaminated Sediments
  • Design and Implementation of Hydraulic and Mechanical Dredging Solutions
  • Design and Construction of Confined Disposal Facilities.