“We believe that talent and hard work should be rewarded.”

Have you heard that before? Every employer promises this.
At Hard Hat Services, we actually deliver.


Interested in working at Hard Hat?


Got GRP™?

What’s GRP™?

GRP™ - Growth & Reward Plan - is a proprietary tool developed by Hard Hat that defines your professional growth path and the relationship between Hard Hat profitability and your personal rewards. Whether you’re just getting started in the industry or are a multi-decade veteran, you will know how your personal contribution relates to your rewards and how your career will grow at Hard Hat .

Why GRP™?

Hard Hat wants to reward all employees responsible for their contribution to profitable projects. We work in a project-based industry, and too often successful individuals with profitable clients do not see the benefits of their work due to poor performance by other parts of the company or self-interested ownership.  Hard Hat seeks to grow by recognizing and incentivizing those people who demonstrate the ability to consistently deliver projects and programs that are successful for the client and profitable for the business.


GRP™ has three components:

1. Base Compensation

2. Professional Development Plan

3. Profit Sharing


Base Comp

You will be provided a competitive compensation based on experience, skills and immediate contribution to profitability. Our benefits include retirement account matching, disability insurance, paid time off, and premier health insurance.

Professional Development Plan

Hard Hat has a set aside training and development budget that is allocated for custom tailored Professional Development Plans. Developing the individual plan will be a collaborative effort between you and Hard Hat leadership.

Aspects of the custom professional development plan include:

  • Yearly review: Employee/Manager review with manager and employee feedback considered
  • Strengths Finder™: every Hard Hat employee receives a Strengths Finder™ profile within the first quarter of employment
  • Career Laddering: defining the next positional step at Hard Hat and a path to get there with milestones and timeline.
  • Industry Skills & Knowledge Growth: Example: project management training, technical writing training, business operations training, client management training
  • Education: Percentage contribution for further educational goals (e.g. graduate level engineering/science or MBA)
  • Professional Organizations: membership fees and support for training in professional organizations relevant to Hard Hat 

Profit Sharing

Each profit sharing plan is tailored for each employee at Hard Hat. If you’re an individual contributor, your model will be based on your utilization, efficiencies and creativity put toward billable efforts. If you’re responsible for the overall profitability of clients and/or projects, a comprehensive profit sharing model will be utilized.