Construction Management Professionals

Hard Hat Services (Hard Hat) specializes in managing project work to minimize cost and schedule.

Our construction management services typically include:

  • Group meeting preparation, agendas, presentations, and documentation (minutes, follow-up, etc.)
  • Preparation of summary cost estimates and cash flow analyses
  • Distribution of meeting minutes and action item lists
  • Negotiation and coordination with regulatory agencies to reduce administrative costs
  • Documentation of permit compliance
  • Project Schedule preparation and maintenance
  • Discussion and development of alternative plans when changed conditions are encountered in the field
  • Periodic reports to the project team, including cost and schedule updates, progress reports, compliance reports, and technical memoranda
  • Overall project coordination and communication to keep all members of the project team group informed on a regular basis.

Drawing on our experience, Hard Hat knows the intricacies of performing engineering and construction management for construction projects. We always work for your best interests, looking for potential ways to streamline the design process while still meeting all inherent requirements. We have solid experience performing engineering, project management, construction management, and oversight for construction projects.

We have specific experience developing work plans, design documents, construction documents, and implementing these plans in the field. Specifically, we have provided work plan preparation, including project work plans, engineering, drawings and specs, design reports, contingency plans, health and safety plans, residuals management plans, transportation and disposal plans, and stormwater pollution prevention or spill prevention, control, and countermeasures plans.

As successful construction managers, we seamlessly tie together the varied, critical elements of a project. At Hard Hat, we take great pride in our ability to manage large multi-task projects. The larger and more complex the project, the more critical is our overall management function.

Hard Hat forms highly skilled and experienced teams capable of organizing, scheduling, and integrating all the individual elements of a project. Specifically, we roll out an integrated project controls system, materials procurement and subcontracting system, and we utilize technology to increase our efficiencies.

We use Microsoft Project or Primavera® software to create and maintain main project and individual component schedules; Excel® spreadsheets and Quickbooks Pro® for creating and maintaining cost tracking data; and use of Adobe® Acrobat® for creating portable display files, so that all members of the project team can receive and review documents and reports.

Efforts of all our project team members are skillfully coordinated and managed so that the project budget, schedule, and technical quality are on track at all times.

This team approach:

  • Establishes priorities
  • Focuses on the overall picture
  • Resolves conflicts early
  • Identifies issues before they become problems
  • Helps customers maintain steady control of the project and its many elements

On major projects, the effort frequently involves a wide variety of participants, including project team personnel, design engineers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, state and federal agencies, and public interest and community groups. Our integrated project management system organizes the full range of services necessary for successful project implementation, and creates an easily accountable system to respond to client demands, from the initial planning phase through site preparation and construction, to site restoration and project close-out.



Bid Phase Assistance

Preparing a tight scope of work for construction activities on each project is critical. Hard Hat can prepare the necessary bid documents, review bid documents, bid packages and offer recommendations and solutions. Specifically we can handle:

  • Preparing independent cost estimates
  • Value engineering/constructability review and suggesting cost savings
  • Reviewing and preparing bid documents
  • Evaluating bids and contract documents
  • Periodic project schedule review and revisions
  • Contractor and subcontractor proposed cost review and evaluation

Contract Administration and Management

A wealth of experience in design, construction, and construction project management has made us acutely aware of what it takes to complete a project successfully in the field. As a contractor, we also know what types of issues are critical to resolve prior to mobilization. We make certain that all contracts and subcontracts are clear in their scope and pricing, and that the terms and schedule are well defined. Administering contracts and managing the risks associated with the contracts are paramount to any successful construction project. By proactively planning and implementing integrated project controls, we stay ahead of potential conflicts and make certain that we know about them before they happen. We ensure that all active contracts are tightly managed, so that project controls and procedures are maintained, and so there are no conflicts without resolutions. We respond in a timely manner to requests for clarifications and provide rapid resolution of critical project issues.

As part of our overall project management function, the following contract administration tasks will be performed:

  • Initiate and control weekly progress meetings
  • Contractor oversight as owner’s representative on site
  • Schedule monitoring and milestone tracking
  • Project cost tracking and control
  • Shop submittal and documentation review
  • Contract management to avoid delays
  • Application for payment review
  • Change order request review
  • Respond to requests for clarification or requests for substitutions
  • Claims avoidance/mitigation

We provide Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) services for various clients, including implementation of site-specific CQA plans, oversight, inspection, documentation, and certification that project requirements have been met.

We have provided these services for various clients, including:

  • U.S. Air Force
  • Westinghouse
  • Waste Management
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • National Guard Bureau, and various CERCLA Groups and Industrial clients.

Our experience in all aspects of development and implementation of work at CERCLA sites makes us uniquely qualified to provide air-tight documentation for CQA services. With licensed Professional Engineers on staff, we also provide the technical expertise to respond to issues as they arise.

Specifically, we have been responsible for:

  • Sample collection, documentation, analyses and reporting, including proper chain-of-custody documentation and data validation procedures
  • Inspection of multiple project installations and constructions, including demolition, staging, loading vehicles, transporting, air emissions, storm water discharges, backfill compaction, to ensure compliance with the agency-approved work plans
  • Oversight of subcontractors and as owner’s-representative on-site, to ensure general good work practices and compliance with all applicable project documents and contracts
  • Documentation to demonstrate compliance with project and contract requirements, so that at any point in the project, and when project is complete, there are no questions about what was done or how.

Our CQA personnel are trained in the latest quality control procedures, and we pride ourselves on the training and experience that each of them have. We have been trained in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ 3-phase quality control system, which includes preconstruction, active construction, and post-construction quality control procedures. In addition, we provide site-specific training for our selected personnel, based upon the types of CQA services we will be providing.


Sample Project Experience