Hard Hat Services (HHS), founded in 2000 as an environmental design-build firm, focuses on building long term relationships with clients in need of engineering, environmental remediation, construction management or system and process enhancements for sustainable production. Based in Naperville, Illinois, Hard Hat Services has always been centrally located to service clients across the country.

Through 2008, HHS continued to grow at a steady pace by acquiring several small environmental firms, gaining offices across the Midwest, and expanding in clientele and industry expertise.

In June 2010, HHS experienced another major change, this time a lateral growth.  HHS acquired Ely Energy of Tulsa, Oklahoma and created the combined company of Aether DBS.  The new “Design/Build Services” company focused on creating custom-engineered modular treatment systems, gas blending, and ammonia solutions for environmental and industry clients.

At the end of 2012, Aether DBS decided to focus their full attention on the manufacturing side of the business in Tulsa.  This change allowed the original HHS senior project managers the opportunity to break away from the parent company and return to the Hard Hat Services brand, focusing on the company’s roots of value added engineering, environmental remediation, and construction management.  With a team lead by principals that have been with HHS since 2001 and 2003, the company still retains its character, culture, business approach, and expertise. 

Still headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, today Hard Hat Services provides clean, green, sustainable solutions to clients across the country in the superfund, utilities, manufacturing, and beverage markets.