Environmental Care

Environmental Care

Environmental Care

For decades, a small, vocal minority have been warning of irreversible impacts to the global environment - should consumption of natural resources go unchecked. In addition, warning signals are beginning to ring louder as the world community wrestles with events such as global warming, draught, air, water, and soil pollution as well as economic imbalances of supply and demand for our basic items like food and energy, resulting in soaring prices.

However, since the new millennium, a “sea change” of sentiment has occurred in the minds of governments, corporations, and the individual consumer. Environmentalism, Sustainability, and Conservation are no longer the minority mindset. Hard Hat Services sees this trend playing out in three distinct areas. The first is the rising level of consumer awareness across the globe that those things we take for granted on a daily basis are finite resources. Consumers are becoming more discerning as to where they purchase products and services, many demanding that companies they engage with must share their concerns for environmental sustainability and be actively involved in environmental stewardship. Secondly, with that trend firmly in place, Corporations are keenly aware that they have a role in improving their production processes to conserve water, emit less waste, and become sustainable. When they do not, consumers and supply chain partners will engage with others who do. Lastly, Governments around the world are stepping up their efforts from a regulatory perspective to ensure that their respective Gross Domestic Products are not increasing at the expense of the environment.

Hence, more stringent controls are being enacted, carbon credit markets are gaining traction, water use is being monitored, and stiff penalties are levied for those firms that are out of compliance.


These trends are driving the “sustainability” market to greater heights each succeeding year. It is these trends and the new responsibilities of environmental stewardship placed squarely on the industrial market that Hard Hat Services has built its business. Hard Hat Services is a Design/Build, Construction Management, and Environmental Remediation firm whose business model is to lead and or assist our clients in becoming more proficient in the use of finite resources. Whether it is a solution to reduce airborne emissions, re-use process water, restore a contaminated land parcel, or manage the construction of a wastewater treatment plant employing the latest technology and sustainability practices, Hard Hat Services possesses the intellectual capital and experience to analyze, design and build clean, green, sustainable solutions that deliver results to its clients. Whether you are a client, a prospective client, or someone with a passion for environmental sustainability, Hard Hat Services invites you to join with us in the global mission of sustainability.

The Purity of the process impacts the quality of the product (April 2008 Ad)The Impact of Quality

The Purity of the Process Impacts the Quality of the Product. It is our job to increase the purity of the input of any given system or process knowing the output will be enhanced. Hard Hat Services personnel are impacting the quality of a given product, be it rolled steel, mozzarella cheese, soft drinks, turkey, or sailing on a river, by designing and implementing sustainable, clean, green solutions for industry and the environment.